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• Now available for pre-order from ALA Editions: Recipes for Mindfulness in Your Library: Supporting Resilience and Community Engagement editied by Jenny Colvin, Richard Moniz, and Madeleine Charney. An important new book filled with wonderful resources including Jenn's contribution, Chapter 10, "Outreach for Inreach: Using Digital Resources to Promote Mindfulness"

• Jenn's book, Get Your Community Moving is included in School Library Journal's list of 45 Phenomenal Titles, November 2018 Stars.

• In the new issue of American Libraries Magazine Karen Muller Looks at books that expand and reimagine the roll of libraries—including Jenn's book Get Your Community Moving. Check out the review here.

• Interested in physical literacy, yoga, and libraries? How about paddleboarding, Brazilian jiu jitsu, and sharks? Jenn gave a podcast interview this summer to HEPAC on those very topics!

• See Jenn's profile on Amplify East, a site dedicated to recognizing women of significance in Atlantic Canada.

• And check out this review of Jenn's book at Midwest Book Review.

"Thoroughly 'user friendly' in organization and presentation, Get Your Community Moving is unreservedly recommended for college and university library 'Library Science" collections, as well as community library in-service training manual for librarian instructional curriculums."

– Now Available from ALA Editions –

Get Your Community Moving

Physical Literacy Programs for All Ages

Jenn's new book on physical literacy is now available
from ALA Editions.

By helping patrons view the library in a new way, movement-based programs bring new people into libraries, help promote community health, and stimulate literacy for children and adults alike.

This book is essential reading for any programming librarian, administrator, or community coordinator looking to boost circulation stats, program numbers, literacy rates, and foster joy and wellness in their community.

Follow these links to get your copy.

Orders in the US

Orders in Canada

Orders in Europe

Next Library Conference – Berlin

Jenn in Germany Presenting on Physical Literacy

Jenn was in Berlin, DE, Thursday September 13th presenting the interactive session Get Your Community Moving: Physical Literacy Programs for All Ages as part of the Next Library Conference.

On that same day Jenn also took part in a public art project called Libraries for Democracy to promote physical literacy worldwide. Her session was broadcast live to Gaza, Palestine in a golden shipping container. To learn more about the project, please visit: www.sharedstudios.com

Big Talk From Small Libraries

Get Your Community Moving:
Physical Literacy Programs for All Ages

A webinar by Jenn Carson and Noah Lenstra in February 2018.
This is a multimodal production that includes a PowerPoint presentation, videos, handouts and some (optional) yoga stretches to get the audience into a body-positive state of mind.

Movement-Based Programs
in Public Libraries

Best Practices from the U.S. and Canada

A webinar by Jenn Carson, Gwen GeigerWolfe, and Noah Lenstra in August 2017. More and more libraries offer programs and services that encourage and enable people of all ages and abilities to engage in and to learn about the importance of regular physical activity. Jenn shares how she became a driving force within this transformation.

Physical Literacy in the Library is a website dedicated to promoting movement-based activities as a resource for patrons.

On this site Jenn Carson, librarian, author, and yoga teacher, has gathered together the knowledge gained from years of experience working with patrons young and old to build this valuable resource for other librarians and educators.

Here can be found program models, resources, and links to her companion sites.

For more blogs go here.

Latest Programming Librarian Blog

Tile Art: A Creative Program for All Ages

The L.P. Fisher Public Library in Woodstock, New Brunswick, likes to periodically hold Family Art Nights. It is a process-oriented, intergenerational program that allows people of all ages, whether they think of themselves as “artistic” or not, to try their hand at something creative. There is no defined outcome, so people can experiment and enjoy the process of play, something that is very good for relieving stress.

Jenn Carson

Physical Literacy in the Library

Yoga in the Library



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