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Digital Storytelling in 6 Steps

As I write this, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems like online programs are the only way for librarians to connect with their patrons. Digital storytelling is a creative way to engage patrons virtually right now — and as a bonus, you will learn some fantastic skills you can take back to your libraries when this is all over, for intergenerational workshops or homeschooling projects to improve digital literacy. So let's get started! 2020/03/31

12 (More!) Tabletop Games Your Library Should Have
(Part 2: New & Obscure)

Sure, we can all enjoy the rush of nostalgia when we dump out the contents of a Jenga box or hear the crash of Connect Four. But there is a whole new world of games out there, and we're libraries — we won't be left behind! 2020/01/28


Budget-Friendly Tabletop Games Your Library Should Have
(Part 1: The Classics)

Ever think about starting a tabletop game collection at your library? If you're a game enthusiast, you could probably come up with a whole list of ideas that would blow your patrons' minds — and your library's budget. Board games, after all, can be both exciting and pricey. 2019/12/27

Reindeer Run: A Healthy Holiday Tradition

The LP Fisher Public Library in Woodstock, N.B., Canada has had a running club for a number of years now. In addition to our annual summertime Kids Kilometer Fun Run, we also hold a yearly Reindeer Run in partnership with the River Valley Runners (our local run club) and the Salvation Army. 2019/12/04

Eco-Friendly Fall Garland

Looking for an easy craft to do this fall that is fun for all ages and helps reuse old materials? At the L.P. Fisher Public Library in Woodstock, N.B., we made decorative fall garlands! Find out how we did it in this blog. 2019/09/18

Libraries Rock

Find out how to use the wildly popular trend of rock painting to create an easy, low-cost, intergenerational program that encourages physical literacy, community involvement and the arts. 2019/08/07

How to Extrovert (When You Have To)

Do you spend a lot of time scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, admiring all the amazing programs other librarians are putting on, wondering where they get their endless ideas and enthusiasm? Find out ways to step into the programming limelight even though it might be frightening for you. 2019/05/22

Bilingual Market Storytime

Last summer, on a series of Saturday mornings, Jenn headed down to the farm market with a blanket, some STEM toys, and some picture books in both French and English. This blog describes benefits and challenges of this pop-up storytime. 2019/03/07

Programs for Maternal Health

Jenn explores how library programs can support maternal health and well-being. Find out storytime benefits moms and how to set up a mom and baby yoga program. 2019/01/11


Tile Art: A Creative Program for All Ages

The L.P. Fisher Public Library in Woodstock, New Brunswick, likes to periodically hold Family Art Nights. It is a process-oriented, intergenerational program that allows people of all ages, whether they think of themselves as “artistic” or not, to try their hand at something creative. There is no defined outcome, so people can experiment and enjoy the process of play, something that is very good for relieving stress. 2018/12/05

Mixed-Age Play

Writing in cursive "lights up" different parts of the brain than tracing or typing. If you spend any time on social media, especially if you follow other libraries, librarians or community groups, you’ve probably heard a lot of talk about intergenerational programming. This blog looks at the benefits of mixed-age play. 2018/09/17

Cursive Writing Course

Writing in cursive "lights up" different parts of the brain than tracing or typing. It creates a kinesthetic feedback loop (physical literacy!) using our fine motor skills so we remember words as a whole concept, not just individual letters. 2018/07/19

Books to Get Kids Moving

Looking to add some movement to your storytimes? Interested in physical literacy, but not sure where to start? Here are six groovy titles to get you off on the right foot (pun intended). 2018/06/05

Wake Up! Storytime

These two books will be sure to get kids moo-vin' and groovin' in an action-packed storytime session. 2018/05/15

Human Battleship

Inspired by a school gym class, this life-size version of the classic tabletop game is fun for all ages. 2018/04/12

Sisters in Spirit: Self-Defense and Trauma-Informed Yoga

The LP Fisher Public Library offered a free self-defense class followed by Yoga for Trauma. 2018/03/15

Yoga for Heart Ache: Building Inclusive Programs

We often celebrate happy times at libraries. What about acknowledging the messier aspects of being human? 2018/02/08

Library Chess Club

A small-town public library takes its board game club to the next level with weekly chess lessons. 2018/01/24


Painted Pumpkin Party

Good gourd, pumpkins aren't just for Halloween! We've found a low-budget, family-friendly activity for everyone to enjoy. 2017/12/04

Outdoor Water Party

If you're willing to get a little wet, water games are a fun way to get kids moving.

Family Dance Party

Looking for an energy boost? Here's a playlist that will get the whole family up and moving. 2017/09/01

Family Yoga Party

Celebrate International Yoga Day — or any day, really — with kid-friendly, animal-inspired yoga poses. 2017/07/27

Things Fall Apart: When Everything Goes Wrong

Sometimes, despite our best intentions, things fall apart. Here are ways to cope at work when life gets hard. 2017/05/18

Paper Monsters: Literacy Attacks!

Who wants to play with paper dolls? Everyone, it turns out. (Yes, boys too.)

Story Dice: Literacy Cubed!

Use blank wooden dice to create storytime magic, where the kids get to make up the story as they go along. 2017/02/06

Physical Literacy: A Lifelong Journey

Library director and yoga instructor Jenn Carson shares a printable guide to remind us that physical literacy is an evolution. 2017/01/05

Taking Care of Us: Ergonomic Advice for Library Staff

Stressed out? Whether you're knotted up over work, the holidays or politics, it seems like there's plenty to bring on tension headaches this time of year. 2017/01/06


Literary Costume Party

The LP Fisher Public Library celebrated Canadian Library Month with costumes and book-based games. 2016/12/01

We Love the Library!

Jenn shares how she got kids excited about the library during Canadian Library Month. 2016/11/07

De-Stress at Your Desk

Need a break? Here are some simple stretches you can do at your workstation or the circulation desk. 2016/09/29

Library Mini-Golf

When summer reading ended at Fisher Library, kids celebrated with 15 holes of mini-golf — in the library. 2016/08/31

Mindfulness and Meditation Programs

One librarian chronicles the ups and downs of the middle way. Because it's the easiest thing in the world to sit and just breathe — but it's also the hardest. 2016/07/07

Library Walking and Running Clubs

Partnering with a local running club can make both the library and running communities stronger. 2016/06/03

Tactile Tactics for Learning History

The LP Fisher Public Library's Meet the Loyalist program promotes physical literacy through historical reenactment and discovery. 2016/04/14

Sports Heroes Who Read

Bringing in professional athletes to connect with kids (and adults) helps promote many types of literacy. 2016/03/30

Dancing with the Stacks

Read about how Jenn woke her patrons out of their winter hibernation with a hugely popular ballroom dancing class. 2016/03/03

Taking Care of Us

Jenn shares tips to help us take care of ourselves, so we can continue helping others. 2016/04/04

Help! I Want to Teach Yoga but Don't Know Where to Start

Jenn shares how to remain calm and confident while teaching patrons the downward-facing dog. 2016/01/06


Prevent Bullying through Exercise

Programs encouraging friendship and exercise can drastically reduce bullying among children and teens. 2015/11/04

Run with It: Taking Your Programs to the Streets (or Trails)

Start a walking or running club at your library using these helpful tips from Jenn. 2015/09/21

Kinetic Literacy

Discover the importance of kinetic literacy and why it is an essential component of library programming. 2015/08/19

Small Libraries, Big Difference: An Interview with Judy Calhoun

A "solo librarian" explains what it's like to be in charge of everything. 2015/08/14

Storytime Stretching

Adding stretching and movement to storytime promotes kinetic literacy (and helps get the wiggles out). 2015/07/27

Yoga Baby Steps

Creating yoga programs for your littlest patrons and their caregivers. 2015/06/15

Yoga in the Library

Common questions asked and answered about yoga programs in public and school libraries. 2015/05/11

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